How We Do It

We scout for innovations that fill market gaps.

We are a product company, not an invention company, and we search for a few products that fit our network.

1. We start at any stage to turn concepts into business opportunities.

2. We match promising new products with qualified companies. We present the opportunities your product can provide to fill a market gap.

3. Our contacts take us through the front door to the Deciders. Our market knowledge, inside information, and contacts get the right products, to the right people, in the right companies.

We work with the military, the federal laboratories, and research universities, but great ideas come from everywhere and 90% of our projects come from first-time inventors who want to commercialize their ideas.

We look for a few products that:

  • Have TV promotion potential
  • Are easily understood from a package
  • Can be quick to market and scalable
  • Are fairly priced with an attractive profit
  • Have long-life products
  • Solve a problem with a clear need

If your product fits any of the criteria above, call us to discuss the best way to get to market and how it may work to your advantage.

It begins with a phone call with a partner for an initial screening. We have no sales staff and no sales pitch.

The weekly product review is where we internally analyze the potential and market conditions for the product. We will tell you our findings, no cost. If we accept it, great! If we do not accept it, we will lend our experience and help as we can to advance your product, no cost.

Want to know more about how we do it? 
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The Advantage of Working with us

1. America Invents is Recommended by industry leaders, professional inventors, and bestselling authors.

Their market knowledge, inside information, and contacts get the right products, to the right people, in the right companies. I utilize America Invents whenever possible.

Lawrence J. Udell Chairman Emeritus, the Licensing Executives Society

2. Our Clients’ Products earned over $2 billion with millions of products selling worldwide.

Who can argue with the success of America Invents? This is one company that knows what it is doing when it comes to inventing, branding, sales, packaging, and the whole nine yards. Heck, with more household names as success stories it’s easy to see why.

China Product Insider, 2008

3. We have the Experience and the contacts to make the deals and do it again and again.

America Invents single handedly put us on the map. Our life-saving products would not have had a chance had it not been for their expert knowledge of the markets, fluency in the language spoken by the investment circles, and personal connections with the movers and shakers. The very first connection led us to a license with a respected pharmaceutical company within six months, resulting in five products approved in Europe and launched in 2020.

The scientists at New Mexico Tech, 2020

From protection strategies and early-stage concepts to packaging, marketing, and finance, we work with new projects to create new business, license products, and plan and build effective marketing. We present to only qualified companies and our relationships get us an audience with the Deciders.

We are glad to share what we know with you – no cost. If we can work together great. If we don’t work together, we will help as we can, wish you luck, and guide you in the best commercial direction.

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