The purpose of product marketing is to Create Value.

Prove the Product and Scale It.
Value is created by proving the product and more revenue is generated by scaling it.

It’s all about marketing, and marketing is about value, and value is about Product/Market Fit.
Good marketing can succeed with a poor product and a great product can fail with no marketing.

Success is measured by the revenue, the profits, and the life of the product.
Many campaigns are won with the knowledge of the product life cycle, which begins with the revenue. The America Invents Product Lifecycle begins at concept, including all premarket tasks. This shows the past, present, and future of the project and exactly what investors and partners want to see.

I met the president of America Invents who impressed me as one of the smartest , savviest, and knowledgeable people when it comes to product, positioning, and promotion. A year later I was taking over a failed company and asked for their help. We are ready to launch and have presales beyond my wildest imagination. I owe most of that to America Invents.

Manager/CEO BeeCleanSpot LLC

What is Marketing?

The purpose of marketing is to Create Value. Marketing is the big stumbling block because most people simply don’t understand it. The reason is there are more than 200 forms of marketing requiring many different talents from artists, writers, and ad agencies to researchers, distribution systems, and sales networks. Marketing requires a budget and usually a large budget. The job of marketing is to prove the product and scale it, creating repeat sales and value.

Marketing is not just advertising, research, or brochures. Marketing is not an event, it is not cheap, and it is not for the lazy. Many believe marketing is something you do when you need sales. Marketing is not sales, and it is not an afterthought. Marketing is all of them and much more. Marketing IS the business and Marketing is for Value.

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