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We are all about products

We are all about early-stage products, prototypes, complete products, failed products, and even ideas. Turning ideas, research, and prototypes into complete products, funded, manufactured, and selling, is what we do. Consumer products are our forte, but we also work with a variety of technologies, research breakthroughs, and innovations.

These are complex and take longer and are often hard to understand. So we show products that people know and recognize like Radio Flyer wagons, and computer USB lights.

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America Invents mission is to find, fund, and profit from the great ideas just around the corner. Every industry veteran knows great ideas come from everywhere, not just from the top and that breakthroughs are always just around the corner.

We are a boutique product licensing, development, and marketing firm that has grown to be the premier company assisting novice and independent inventors. We are intentionally small, selecting only 10 to 30 projects each year. We work with all types of early-stage concepts to develop superior products and create profitable opportunities.

You, or someone you know owns products we licensed, developed, or marketed. You can find our clients products in leading hardware chains, supermarkets, box stores, drug chains, specialty stores, and on TV. And many of these products have been selling for decades.

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Our Team

Our founder is an award-winning industrial designer with over a billion dollars of products selling worldwide. His designs and improvements made fortunes for many companies, so he decided to do it for himself. He started America Invents in Santa Monica in 1984 and 17 years later partnered with our president, who marketed over a billion dollars of new and innovative, early-stage consumer products.

Mr. Seidel is our president, an authority on marketing innovation, a court approved expert witness, and a speaker at regional and national conferences sponsored by the U.S. Patent Office, the Licensing Executive Society, Hewlett Packard, and AT&T. He is also the author of, Licensing Myths & Mastery with five stars on Amazon.

He has been on the leading edge of innovation for decades, changing home monitoring with the development and licensing of the first baby monitor and improving food storage with the marketing of the FoodSaver. As adjunct faculty at the University of California at Berkeley he wrote, taught, and instituted the Entrepreneurship & Innovation class and created the Direct Marketing Certificate Program where he also wrote, taught, and instituted five direct marketing classes.

At the turn of the century he was contacted by the BBC to “Sum up the Century.” Instead of looking back, he looked forward and said, “A lots happened in the 20th century but just wait for the next! We ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

He was correct and front-page news of the BBC. Google was just starting, Facebook was not even an idea, and Amazon was not profitable. The world changed with Google, Facebook, Amazon, the smart phone, YouTube, Twitter, hybrid cars, drones, 3D printing, and much more.

Bill is currently a staff writer for Inventors Digest and have a monthly column titled “Think Marketing.” Click here for Bill’s cover story and interview in the October 2023 issue of Inventors Digest. Bill also is a key presenter in a monthly podcast for the Patent Office called Successful Inventing: What you need to know Learn more.

From environmental breakthroughs, and revolutionary medical innovations to toys and games, we have been instrumental in creating millions of dollars, developing thousands of products, and licensing hundreds of products.

We know what it takes and what is needed for a simple idea or a complex innovation to make it to market. We know because we have done it thousands of times. We have the contacts, the knowledge, and the experience of what sells in the retail aisles, what works inside the corporation, on the lab bench, as well as in the classroom.

To know about us look at what industry leaders, bestselling authors, and our clients say about us.

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Lawrence J. Udell is the Chairman Emeritus of The Licensing Executives Society, and says of America Invents:

Their market knowledge, inside information, and contacts get the right products, to the right people, in the right companies.

Dave Pressman is the author of the world’s bestseller, Patent It Yourself and we are the only marketing company he refers on page 11/4:

America Invents is completely honest and fair and a friend of the inventor and I recommend them in my book.

Mr. K. C., inventor of the Handy Dolly, 2005 says:

What more can I say? Other companies took five years to fail while America Invents made it succeed in six months.

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