To sell something people want, create something people want, before they know they want it.

This is Market-Driven Product Development.

Most companies simply design products. Good companies manage the Development to a Complete Product. Better companies sell it before they make it. The Best companies develop products that obsolete the competition.

1. Design and develop a Complete Product.

Product Design defines the physical form while Product Development manages the entire process to the Complete Product, packaged, priced, and ready to ship.

2. Business Development sells it before it is made.

When the Complete Product is available it is presold, reducing risk and paying for manufacturing and marketing.

3. The Best Development reduces risk and obsoletes the competition.

Smart Development reduces risk and obsoletes the competition by designing-in competitive advantages in the early stages. Smart Product and Business Development can reduce risks while obsoleting the competition.

The Petster was designed by our president and the first electronic pet to obey commands. This grew to 11 products from $29 to $129.

There are only two ways to get a product concept manufactured, packaged, and market-ready: fund it yourself or license it to a company to develop and commercialize it.

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