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The product lifecycle

Our presidents’ current book is “Licensing Myths & Mastery: Why Most Ideas Don’t Work and What To Do About it”, published by Business Expert Press. It’s available at Amazon, Google Books, and bookstores.

This is the first of seven books in the Myths & Mastery Series that explode the Myths of Invention & Innovation, Marketing Innovation, Development, Startups, and Funding.

It is a primer on licensing in general, with a focus on Active Licensing and the tasks required to secure a license agreement. If this book is about one thing, it is marketing your property to a license agreement. Ninety percent is about early stage, pre-revenue products and concepts groomed for licensing. This is important because the right information yields the right decisions. It focuses in the pre-product stages, which is critical to success

Myths provide the wrong information, and you can’t make the right decisions with the wrong information!

The Mastery book explain how to master the process using CPM and Product Lifecycle management processes to manage and control the creation, design, development, and commercialization of any product.

Licensing Myths & Mastery is for the 97 million people who want to quit their job and make money with their ideas. If it is about one thing, it is marketing your early stage, pre-revenue products and concepts to a license agreement. It is a primer on licensing in general and the tasks required to secure a license agreement.

Licensing is one of the fastest and most profitable ways to make money with ideas. It is fast because it facilitates existing production, distribution, and marketing, and it is more profitable because it eliminates your costs, and a percentage of the revenue goes in your pocket.

Most Ideas Don’t Work for hundreds of reasons: lack of capital, incorrect pricing, poor management, among many others. There is one common denominator of failure – bad decisions.

Bad decisions come from bad information and bad information is everywhere, hard to recognize, and impossible to avoid. It comes from assumptions, free advice, and no knowledge of the product, the business, or the customer. Compound this with opinions from family, friends, and even professionals with no industry knowledge, makes it impossible for the startup or the novice to get the right information.

And What To Do About It debunks the myths and explains the steps and tasks to master what works. It reveals valuable tips and secrets that will give you a distinct advantage like The Royalty Rule, The Affordability Barrier, and The Acceptable Profit Threshold. Understand when to manufacture and when to license with The<>5X Rule.

The right license with the right company is everyone’s dream and may be the highlight of your career and your life. If you want to make money with your ideas, this book is for you.

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Wow! This is the most honest, informative, comprehensive book I’ve ever read on this subject. There isn’t one word of fluff in these pages. I feel very fortunate to have found this book and to be benefiting from Mr. Seidel’s years of extensive experience and success.

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