Awards are flattering but the truth is in the sales revenues, the profits, and the life of the product. With so many different awards for America Invents, our managers, and our clients we have sizable and diverse recognition from many different fields.

Product Awards

  • Silver, International Federation of Inventors’ Associations for a universally-effective Drug-Resistant Pathogens, 2020, Inventions for the Benefit of Humanity Against Covid-19
  • The Buyers Choice Award, Checklane Buyers Impulse Show, Bee Clean, 2020
  • 14 Gold, 6 Silver from regional food events for Not Yer Momma’s Granola, 2014 to 2018
  • Editors Pick Award, The Gourmet Retailer for the Pizzeria Pronto, 2014
  • People’s Choice Award, Best Innovative New Product for Mouthman, 2010
  • Best Products of the Year, People Magazine Lap Top Lite, 2008
  • Product Design Award, Flexiflame/FlexStriker, 2006
  • Of the 10 Best Products, Kitchen Magician, Market Launchers, 2004
  • Over 30 awards for Triazzle including: D Toy’s Classic Products and Parent’s Choice Awards, 1994 to 2018
  • Top 100 Lighting Design Awards, 2000
  • World’s Smartest Inventions for the Wunder Boner, 1999
  • Tyco’s Best New Action Game, Grabbin’ Grasshoppers, 1992
  • Industrial Designers Society of America for Novax Guitars, Silver, 1992
  • The Henry Ford Museum of Innovation for the Baby Monitor, 1990
  • Industrial Designer Society of America, Honorable Mention for Unball, 1984

Packaging & Advertising Awards

  • Honorable Mention, SF Point-Of-Purchase Show, Brand Packaging for the FoodSaver, 1991
  • Gold, SF ADDY, Specialty Packaging, Felix Knives, 1989
  • Silver, SF ADDY, Advertising Specialty, Slumberwool, 1988
  • Gold, End Aisle Display, SF ADDY, Slumberwool, 1988
  • Gold, Motion Display, SF ADDY, Feltex Corporation, 1987
  • Gold, Pre-Packed Floor Display, SF ADDY, Feltex Corporation, 1987
  • Sweet’s, Art Director of the Year, Jacuzzi, 1986
  • First Place, Art Direction Award, McGraw-Hill, 1985

Licensing & Business Awards

  • Product License, Fisher-Price, Crib Soother Video Technology, 2011
  • The First Baby Monitor featured at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, 2006
  • Honor Roll, Better Business Bureau, Parker West, 2006
  • Best New Business of the Year, Sonoma County SBA, 1999
  • Hasbro’s Baby Monitor featured in Pixar’s Toy Story, 1995 & 1999

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It’s one thing to have award-winning products, it’s another thing to bring your product to Market. America Invents gave us the guidance to do that. The importance of visual marketing in creating our packaging sets us apart from the competition, secured distribution, and achieve our goals.

Over 20 awards for Not Yer Momma’s premium granola, 2019