Licensing is one of the fastest and most profitable ways to make money with ideas. It is fast because it facilitates existing production, distribution, and marketing. It is more profitable because it eliminates your costs, funds the product, and a percentage of the revenue goes in your pocket.

Make money with your ideas.

In addition to royalties there are many ways to make money including options, an advance, an outright sale, licenses for different Fields-of-Use, and development contracts, among others.

Partner with a giant company.

If you had to select one company as the best candidate, what company would it be? Would it be a marketing company, a distributor? And why?

Sit back and collect mailbox money.

Licensing creates Passive Income, which is the freedom to do what you want, work on projects you like, or not work at all.

For years I attended America Invents weekly product reviews evaluating new products, and a few years later I saw them selling. They are selective in what they accept and that’s why they are successful. Their market knowledge, inside information, and contacts get the right products, to the right people, in the right companies.

Lawrence J. Udell, Chairman Emeritus of the Licensing Executives Society

The purpose of licensing.

The purpose of licensing is to secure an agreement with a trustworthy company to fund, develop, distribute the product, and guarantee payment to you. The right license with the right company may be the highlight of your career and your life.

Licensing is simple in principle but hard in practice. You do not want a deal with a company. You want the best deal with the best company! There is a specific way to do this by arranging the hierarchy of the best companies to the almost best companies.

Work with a company with products in leading stores.

The market is the only evaluator. The best-case scenario is to have a multinational corporation manufacture, advertise, and distribute your product and pay you while they protect their market and also protect your rights.

Look for licensing experience and successful products that you recognize from companies you know. When it comes to licensing, time on the market, revenue generated, and royalties obtained, America Invents is in the top one percent.
Look for a company that that is referred by industry leaders, professional inventors, and bestselling authors.

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