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Through our companies, clients, and associates we have created billions of dollars, marketed thousands of products, and licensed hundreds of patents, inventions, and products for our customers, clients, and partners. If you want more money from your ideas and greater value for your property, and smarter strategies to outflank, outfight, and obsolete your competition, give us a call.

We See Your Vision and know how to get to market

We have a history of successful products and racked up retail sales of $2 billion in 50,000 stores

Bestselling authors and industry leaders recommend us so you are sure to get the right information

We have the contacts

America Invents has the experience you need

If you want to license your product then no other company comes close to the track record of America Invents. You improve your odds of success over 20 times by working with America Invents because we get products into stores.

If you want to develop your product then it is comforting to know America Invents has developed some of the most successful products in history.

If you want to market your idea, invention, or product then America Invents has the best track record in the industry.

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Trade Shows

America Invents has a presence at all of the major trade shows where we strengthen our existing contacts and forge new ones. We don’t passively sit in a booth and hope someone “drops by.”  There is no benefit to you or a potential licensee to have an entire industry see your product before it launches.  In most situations, this will kill your chances of working with the top companies. Instead, we have meetings with companies to get your product in front of decision makers.  Since we already have an ‘in’ with these companies, seeing them at the show is easy. We usually have dinner with them after the show where we have their undivided attention.