Products we are looking for

We are always looking for hit products. We are regularly asked by leading companies, “What’s hot, What’s next, Keep ‘em commin.’” We also receive Wishlists because we are vendors.

If you believe you have the next big hit, review the criteria below and give us a call.

We are looking for a few products that:

  • Have TV promotion potential
  • Are easily understood from a picture or a package
  • Can be quick to market and scalable
  • Are desirable products people will purchase
  • Are reasonably priced and offer an attractive profit
  • Are long-life products
  • Solve a problem with a clear need

If your product fits any of the criteria above, call us to discuss the best way to market and how to make money and create product success.



It’s All About Marketing. If the package is terrible and no one picks it up then no one will buy it. This has nothing to do with the product. Products succeed because they are well marketed, funded, and managed. A good product can fail with no marketing and a bad product can succeed with great marketing.

If Your Marketing is Together

The Value Will Increase,

The Money Will Appear and

Your Plan Will Exceed Expectation.

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