How We Work

Our Approach

We see your vision and know what to do. It is not a matter of finding the “right” product. It is a matter of recognizing and understanding Product-Market Fit. Without Product-Market Fit nothing else matters: patents, funding, a great product, a superstar team are of no value if the product does not fit the market at the right time in the right way. If the product fits the market and the timing is right, you could have a Hit!

Every project begins with our evaluation. We are looking for superior products and technologies. You start with a phone call with a partner (we have no salesmen). The partner will review your product to determine if it fits our criteria. Even if it doesn’t fit, you will get a lot of free advice and feedback.

The next step is our weekly product review meeting. Our team reviews the product to determine its chance of success. The meeting is similar to the evaluation your product will go through with a buyer or a potential licensee. After the product review meeting, we will come back to you with our recommendations and determine how you should move forward.

Everything is different for every product in every industry and for every business. A hundred-thousand units per year for a novelty product is good, where a hundred-thousand units per month for a candy product is bad. The truth lies in the life of the product and the picture of costs and profits.

This means that your plan and project must be custom tailored and hand-carried into leading companies and accounts. We have the personal contacts and close management and the follow through.

This approach has worked very well for us and our clients. Companies aren’t interested in ideas, patents or products. Companies are interested in profits. A company will do it because it is a smart business decision and invest because it is a moneymaker. It must be presented as a business opportunity not a product idea. We immediately recognized the Pizza Que was a hundred-million dollar product and worked with our clients to make it happen. 

Our Criteria

We are always looking for hit products. We are regularly asked by leading companies, “What’s hot, What’s next, Keep ‘em coming.”  We also receive Wishlists because we are vendors to many companies.

If you believe you have the next big hit, review the criteria below and give us a call.

We are looking for a few products that:

  • Have TV promotion potential
  • Are easily understood from a picture or a package
  • Can be quick to market and are scalable
  • Are a desirable product people will purchase
  • Are reasonably priced with an attractive profit
  • Are long-life products
  • Solve a problem with a clear need

If your product fits any of the criteria above, call us to discuss the best way to market and how to make money and create product success.

How We Work

We start at any stage in the process to develop products, market products, create new business, and license products and intellectual property. When we work with our clients, we see the vision, know the objectives, and understand how to complete the mission. From the hottest new products to giant successes spanning three decades, our managers were involved in a small way or a large way to make these products, license them, or market them. You probably own some of the products you see here or know someone who does.

We have been successful for one simple reason, we do not accept products that cannot succeed. We review thousands of products and concepts but only accept about 20 each year. We expect to succeed with every project we accept and we can’t be hired to work with a product we don’t accept. There are many ways we can work on a project depending on the product status, stage of development, and what you would like to do.

Want Your Product In Leading Stores?

Then Work With A Company with Products In Leading Stores!

When You Work with America Invents You Get . . .

  • The right strategies for targeting the right companies and the ability to negotiate the right agreements that work for everyone – everything must be right!
  • Preparation on all fronts, answers to all the questions, what companies to trust, costs, who your customer is and how to reach them. Luck favors the prepared. And America Invents prepares your product for sales.
  • Experience, America Invents has success with billions of dollars generated in 50,000 outlets and America Invents has the contacts and the experience to make your product a success.

America Invents knows how to do it because we have done it hundreds of times.  We have the experience, the contacts, and the know-how. The secret to achieving success is to work with successful professionals. Accept Nothing Less!   

It’s All About Marketing. If the package is terrible and no one picks it up then no one will buy it. This has nothing to do with the product. Products succeed because they are well marketed, funded, and managed. A good product can fail with no marketing and a bad product can succeed with great marketing.

If Your Marketing is Together

The Value Will Increase,

The Money Will Appear and

Your Plan Will Exceed Expectation.